13 Solid Job Opportunities for IT Sector

Informational Technology (IT) sector leading global innovation and economic growth from several years. Due to advanced technology , the need of highly skilled professionals in IT sector has increased. There are numerous job opportunities available.

In this blog we will discuss 13 most dominating and promising job opportunities in IT sector. We will go through the skills required, salary expectations, and job responsibilities. The field of IT has something to offer for individuals at every stage of their career, whether they are just starting out or have years of experience under their belt. Without further delay , let’s explore the exciting job opportunities in this fast growing sector.


Overview of the IT industry

Let’s see Jobs available and Job description in brief . Further we will see everything in detail with job role , job description , Average salary and Future outlook of jobs. Here is Table :

Job RoleJob Description
Web DeveloperDevelop and maintain websites and web applications
Network AdministratorManage and maintain computer networks and systems
Information Security AnalystProtect computer networks and systems from security threats
Database AdministratorDesign, implement and maintain database systems
Systems AnalystAnalyze business needs and design information systems solutions
Cloud ArchitectDesign and manage cloud computing systems and infrastructure
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning EngineerDevelop and implement AI and machine learning algorithms
Business Intelligence AnalystAnalyze data and provide insights to support business decisions
IT Project ManagerPlan, execute and manage IT projects
Quality Assurance TesterTest software and applications to ensure they meet quality standards
Technical WriterCreate technical documents, manuals and instructional guides
IT Sales ProfessionalSell IT products and services to businesses and consumers

Why IT jobs are in demand

The IT sector is the fastest growing industry in India. As a result, there are more job opportunities for IT sector .

There are many reasons why IT jobs are in demand:


      • The demand for skilled professionals has increased tremendously over the years due to the growth of software companies and other industrial sectors like banking and finance. These companies need highly qualified workers who have skills in programming languages like Java or Python etc., as well as knowledge of hardware like servers or computers etc.. In addition, they also require technical assistance from experts on security issues related to data storage systems.

    Job Opportunities in IT Sector

    Software Developer

    A software developer is responsible for designing, developing and testing applications. They use their knowledge of coding languages, databases and software development tools to create new applications or modify existing ones. Software developers can work in a variety of roles, such as:


        • Application programmer

        • Web developer/programmer/software developer (web design)

        • Database administrator (DBAs)

      Average Salary

      Software Developer in India earns an average salary of INR 471,534 per year.

      Web Developers

      Web developers are in high demand so there is lot of job opportunities for IT sector . The job description is simple: create and maintain websites for businesses or individuals, including web applications such as e-commerce sites, web portals and social networking tools. Web developers also manage user interaction through these websites by providing content management features such as managing user profiles, creating custom pages or adding links to other sites.

      Web developers need to know how HTML works (HyperText Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) or PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) scripting languages that can be used to create dynamic websites with data from databases or files on your computer. They may also need proficiency in JavaScript programming language as well as XML document markup language because many modern websites use these types of technologies today!

      Average Salary

      The average salary of a Web Developer in India is INR 306,838 per year. Web Developers who are proficient in skills such as AngularJS, React.js and Node.js, can command higher salaries in the job market.

      Security Analysts

      Security analysts are responsible for assessing the vulnerability of IT systems and networks. They design security policies, perform penetration tests and vulnerability assessments to ensure the safety of a company’s data. These professionals also monitor the effectiveness of their work by reviewing logs from monitoring devices in order to identify any vulnerabilities that may have been missed during testing. This job will require an understanding of various types of software like Linux, Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista etc., as well as networking protocols such as TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) or SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). Some skills required include:


          • Strong analytical abilities which allow them to analyze large amounts of data quickly;

          • Excellent verbal communication skills; Knowledgeable about IT security issues related to internetworking protocols such as TCP/IP; * Good knowledge base on how attacks occur over networks

        Average Salary

        According to a report by Pay Scale , the average salary for an Information Security Analyst in India is INR 622,836 per year.

        Network Designers and Administrators

        As a network designer and administrator, you will design, install and maintain computer networks.


            • You need to have experience in networking.

            • You should be comfortable working with different types of software and hardware used in this field.

            • You should have good interpersonal skills as well as technical expertise so that you can work closely with other professionals such as programmers or computer scientists who are responsible for implementing new ideas into the company’s systems.

          Average Salary

          The average salary for a Network Administrator in India is INR 364,065 per year. This job typically requires skills in network management, troubleshooting, and security.

          Database Administrator

          Database administrators are responsible for maintaining the databases of an organization. They also ensure that all the data stored in them is accurate, secure and up-to-date. The role involves planning, deploying and managing databases; ensuring that they are running smoothly at all times; troubleshooting problems that may arise from time to time (e.g., performance degradation); recommending new technologies or enhancements based on experience with existing ones; setting up security measures such as firewalls and password policies so as to protect confidential information from unauthorized access by hackers or other malicious actors in cyberspace.

          Average Salary

          Salary Estimate of Database Administrator is INR 576,450 per year in India . The amount varies on different such as location and company.

          Systems Analyst

          A systems analyst is a person who creates, maintains and manages computerized systems. The position requires the ability to analyze data, determine the best means of performing tasks and implement those solutions. Systems analysts also compose reports and present them in a manner that is easily understood by others.


              • Job description: Systems analysts ensure the smooth operation of an organization’s IT infrastructure by creating operational plans for new projects or revising existing ones. They work with programmers, business executives and other departments within an organization to ensure proper use of technology as well as monitor risks related to its availability and performance levels on a daily basis.

              • Skills required: To be successful at this role you will need strong analytical skills along with excellent communication skills so that you can effectively communicate your findings back up their chain(s). You should have at least five years experience working within IT industry before applying for this position too!

            Average Salary

            Average salary of System Analyst is 6,24,789 per year .

            Cloud Architect

            As the name suggests, a cloud architect is responsible for building and managing a company’s cloud infrastructure. This involves designing and implementing new systems that run on cloud-based platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). The skills required by this position include the following:


                • Strong technical fundamentals in computer science, engineering, or mathematics

                • Experience working in an agile development environment (e.g., Agile software development)

                • Familiarity with various types of databases such as relational databases and NoSQL ones like Cassandra

              Average Salary

              The salary of Cloud Architect is INR 1,720,000 per year. It is a good salary compare to others and also require hardcore practice to achieve this job. You can Check various job by writing keyword related to it in Earn Jivika and Apply for free .Go and check it Now .

              Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer

              As an AI/ML engineer, you will be responsible for the development of machine learning algorithms and their application to solve problems. The skills required are:


                  • R or Python programming knowledge

                  • Knowledge of data structures and programming languages such as C++, Java or Python (or any other high-level language)

                  • Experience with computer vision techniques like computer vision systems that use Machine Learning techniques to recognize objects in images automatically.

                Average Salary

                Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer is INR 1,243,128 per year. It also depends on location and other factors.

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                Business Intelligence Analyst

                As a business intelligence analyst, you will be responsible for analyzing and visualizing data. You’ll work with the data to identify trends, patterns and relationships within the information that’s being collected by your organization. Data analysts need strong analytical skills in order to do this effectively. They also need excellent communication skills so they can explain complex concepts clearly to their colleagues or superiors.

                Accordingly, if you’re interested in becoming a business intelligence analyst but don’t have any experience with statistics or math (or even basic algebra), then it’s time to start taking classes at your local community college! This could be beneficial since many businesses require employees who have a bachelor’s degree or higher in order to qualify for this position .But there are exceptions depending on what kind of company you work for (e.g., small business owners may only need someone who has completed high school).

                Average Salary

                Average salary of Business Intelligence Analyst is INR 5,86,832 per year or more depends upon circumstances. You may check related queries in Earn Jivika.

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                IT Project Manager


                    • Job description: An IT project manager is responsible for planning, managing and executing information technology (IT) projects. In this role, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that your company’s goals are met through effective project management techniques.

                    • Skills required: You should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field and at least five years of experience working in IT roles such as contractor or employee. Your knowledge of all aspects of IT software development technologies will also be important to your success as an IT project manager: from hardware and software design through testing phases to deployment projects after completion.

                  Average Salary

                  Average salary of IT Project Manager is INR 14,84,268 per year . You can salary report of this job on Government website portal .

                  Quality Assurance Tester

                  As a Quality Assurance Tester, you will play an important role in ensuring that the products created by your company meet the quality standards required by its customers. You will evaluate applications for software bugs, performance and security issues, as well as other areas where there may be discrepancies between what was expected and what was delivered.

                  The job description for this position describes it as “a skilled practitioner who uses automated testing tools to test software.” It also says that “you must have experience with both manual and automated testing techniques.”

                  What makes a good Quality Assurance Tester? If you’ve got these skills:


                      • Experience with automated testing tools such as Selenium WebDriver or Appium (web application automation tool)

                      • Knowledge of Java frameworks such as Spring Framework or Microservices

                    Average Salary

                    Average salary of Quality Assurance Tester is INR 443,072 per year. You may search jobs and query in Earn Jivika for more information.

                    Technical Writer

                    A technical writer is a person who writes about technical topics for various purposes and audiences. They may be employed by a large corporation, or they may write for an academic publication or even perform consulting work. The skills required to be a technical writer include:


                        • Good writing skills (i.e., grammar and spelling)

                        • Ability to comprehend complex concepts without getting confused

                        • Knowledge of computer hardware, software, networks and other related topics

                      Average Salary

                      Salary of Technical Writer is INR 403,315 per year.

                      IT Sales Professional

                      An IT Sales Professional is a person who sells software, hardware and services to businesses. They are responsible for making sure that their clients are happy with the products they purchase from them.

                      They do this by researching the market, finding out what customers want and need in order to make informed decisions about which products will work best for them. They also help companies find new ways of doing things so that they can stay competitive in an ever-changing world of technology.

                      The average salary for an IT sales professional is $86k per year according to Glassdoor’s survey results from 2018 (which was conducted over 500 companies worldwide). The projected path of growth indicates an expected rise over 5% annually through 2022—which means you could earn even more if you stay on top of trends in your industry!

                      Average Salary

                      Average salary of IT Sales Professional – INR 454,279 per year. Salary also vary due to company and location.

                      Note : Every Salaries Data taken from Pay scale India Salary Data.


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